Welcome to ITACA: Where Italian Language and Culture Flourish in the UAE!

ITACA, founded by Michela Contini and Natascia Colautti, is on a mission to bring the vibrant essence of Italian language and culture to the United Arab Emirates.

Licensed by DED and certified by the prestigious KHDA, ITACA is your gateway to exceptional educational experiences.

Our courses not only focus on language learning but also incorporate the art of drama, enabling a harmonious fusion of knowledge and creativity.

ITACA serves as our visionary haven—a place where intellect and culture converge, giving life to our academic and artistic pursuits. It’s not just a destination but a dynamic platform for embracing new beginnings and creating an Italian cultural hub in the Emirates.

The name ITACA holds profound meaning for us. It represents the Italian Theatre And Culture Association, symbolizing our thirst for intellectual curiosity and our determination to explore uncharted territories.

Like the epic journey of Ulysses, our aspirations transcend boundaries. We envision a cultural voyage between the shores of Italy and the Emirates, fostering mutual understanding and nurturing seeds of knowledge. With a boat-spacecraft as our logo, we visualize a cultural route where Italian traditions intertwine with the rich tapestry of global diversity found in Dubai.

At ITACA, we understand that every student is unique, with individual needs and aspirations. Our classes are designed to engage and inspire, ensuring enthusiastic participation and rewarding experiences. In our drama and acting courses, we guide and empower students, fostering not just artistic skills, but also instilling confidence, concentration, and self-awareness.

As educators, we celebrate Italian theater, music, and literature, while embracing the cosmopolitan and tolerant spirit of Dubai. Our educational and recreational projects are driven by the desire to create an inclusive and transformative environment.

Join us at ITACA, where language, culture, and creativity intertwine, and where you’ll discover the endless possibilities that lie within.

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, fun, and personal growth. Enroll now and unlock a world of opportunities!

Meet The Founders

Michela Contini

Michela Contini, an acclaimed actress and director hailing from Italy, brings her exceptional skills and artistic vision to the vibrant city of Dubai. With a passion for drama deeply rooted in her veins, Michela embarked on her dramatic journey studying with prestigious theater companies in Italy.

Her quest for knowledge and growth led her to London, where she further honed her craft at the esteemed Guildhall Drama School. In 2015, she achieved the remarkable distinction of attaining a LAMDA qualification with an outstanding score of 96 out of 100.

Michela’s talent extends beyond the stage, as she has extensive experience as a workshop facilitator, conducting acting workshops for both children and adults in Italy and Dubai. Her ability to inspire and guide aspiring actors is a testament to her exceptional teaching skills.

Since her arrival in Dubai in 2012, Michela has graced the stage with mesmerizing performances, captivating audiences in both English and Italian productions. Her directorial prowess was recognized in 2016 when the Italian play she helmed received the prestigious “Best Regional Play” award in Dubai.

Michela’s artistic repertoire extends beyond acting and directing. She is well-versed in modern jazz dance, contemporary dance, and dance theater, infusing her performances with grace and fluidity. As a dedicated student of Iyengar yoga, she understands the importance of mind-body harmony in the pursuit of artistic excellence.

Michela’s educational achievements are equally impressive. She holds a Ph.D. in Literature, an M.D. in Arts, and a master’s degree in Cultural Events Management. These qualifications underscore her deep intellectual curiosity and commitment to the arts.

Join Michela Contini’s world of theatrical magic, where her expertise, creativity, and profound understanding of the dramatic arts will guide you on a transformative journey. Whether you’re an aspiring actor, a lover of the stage, or simply seeking to explore the boundless possibilities of artistic expression, Michela’s presence will ignite your imagination and nurture your talent.

Natascia Colautti

Natascia Colautti is a remarkable educator with a deep love for Italian language, literature, and the dramatic arts. With a degree in Modern Literature and a thesis focused on the captivating “History of Theater,” Natascia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her teaching.

Her journey into the world of acting began in Milan, where she honed her skills with the esteemed theater company “Quelli di Grock.” Continuing her training in Padua with the renowned “TPR-Teatro Popolare di Ricerca,” she expanded her repertoire and gained invaluable experience.

Natascia has graced the stage as an actress in numerous captivating productions, both in Italian and English. Notable performances include memorable renditions of Sophocles’ timeless classic “Antigone” and Pessoa’s thought-provoking work “I 3 marinai.”

Since making Dubai her home in 2013, Natascia has been actively involved in local festivals and performances, showcasing her talent in both Italian and English productions. In 2021, she made her impressive debut as a co-director with “Quello che le donne non dicono,” a compelling piece inspired by the comedy “2 partite.”

Alongside her theatrical pursuits, Natascia imparts her knowledge and passion as a dedicated Italian language and literature teacher in some of Dubai’s most prestigious private schools. Her ability to create engaging and immersive learning experiences has garnered praise from students and colleagues alike.

Natascia Colautti’s unwavering dedication to the arts, coupled with her expertise in language education, makes her an exceptional teacher and mentor. Her commitment to nurturing the talents and intellectual curiosity of her students has helped shape their journeys towards personal and academic success