Italian Language Courses

Learn Italian with Italian Theatre And Culture Association

Our Mission

Promote Italian language and Italian culture in the UAE.

ITACA offers a wide choice of Italian language and culture courses, programs for children, teenagers, and adults. We offer weekly courses and intensive courses, group and one-to-one courses to meet everyone’s needs. The teaching has its main objective in the development of communication skills in Italian and the acquisition of many aspects of the cultural life of this beautiful country.

Italian language courses for children and teenagers, courses for adults, tailor-made courses for preparation for specific exams (CILS, Italian Language and Literature IB, IGCSE)

Our Method

Our teachers are all native Italian speakers, highly qualified and experienced in teaching children and adults.

Our courses aim to teach and consolidate the four main language skills: oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral communication, and written production. They also help the student to discover the beauties of Italy and of the Made in Italy through conversation, commonly used expressions, linguistic activities and cultural and gastronomic curiosities.

In our lessons, we use multimedia teaching material (songs, videos, games, theatre, films) and various teaching techniques, to ensure the textual variety and the constant motivation of the student. We use the CEFR (Common European Framework) to track progress in learning the language.

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Free online placement test to determine the student's CEFR level. The CEFR levels are internationally recognized and are used to track progress in learning any foreign language.

Our Italian Language Courses

Courses for Adults

ITACA courses for adults include all levels of the CEFR Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2), for the knowledge of languages ​​and are aimed at preparing the official Italian language exams. ITACA makes learning Italian stimulating and creative, with the support of IT and audiovisual tools in a dynamic environment that offers various cultural activities.

Courses for Children and Teenagers

ITACA courses for children and teenagers are based on creative and engaging activities that stimulate comprehension, expression, writing and reading skills, without forgetting grammar and vocabulary.

Under the guidance of our teachers, students will be encouraged to develop and consolidate their knowledge of the Italian language, while discovering new aspects of Italian culture.

Tailor-made preparation courses for specific exams and certifications (CILS, IB and GCSE)

Please contact us for more information on tailor-made courses for CILS, IB and GCSE preparation exams