Theatre Production

“Quello che le donne non dicono” (What women don’t say) was the first production completely signed by Itaca.

Our play is a stage been readaption of the Italian play “Due partite”by C. Comencini.

ITACA produces its shows casting professional actors and its most talented and passionate students. ITACA is also a central hub of collaboration with international artists, providing opportunities for dancers, singers, and actors from different backgrounds. ITACA also promotes collaborations with Italian and International Drama Companies and it’s currently working to the production of drama festivals to be hosted in Dubai and the other Emirates.

Every year we produce two plays in Italian and one in English, always sourcing our pieces from the contemporary and traditional Italian Drama Literature’s heritage,  to make Italian culture accessible to the international community in the UAE.

Our first production was “Quello che le donne non dicono” (“What women don’t say”) a re-adaptation of the Italian play “Due partite” by C. Comencini.

The play tells the feminine universe seen through the eyes of four women (Sofia, Beatrice, Claudia e Gabriella) who, during the 60s, meet every week to play cards and discuss their lives, marriages, their hopes and their regrets. 30 years later, their daughters (Rossana, Sara, Giulia, Cecilia) meet after a dreadful event in their lives. Despite modernity and empowerment, their hopes and fears are not so different from the ones of
their mothers.

Our play was staged at The Junction in October 2021.
The Italian TV program “RAI: L’Italia con voi” collected our story and our project on this interview. (check an interview)